About Us

It all started in 1967 when the barker family fell in love with the welsh coast line and purchased a small business at clarach bay, as the family expanded so did the business and eventually in 1984 we acquired clarach bay holiday village, a monumental step for our family, and a huge part of our journey. in the year 2000 we branched out and formed barkers leisure, a family run collection of small holiday parks and retreats based in wales, each location has been hand picked with the sole purpose of exploring the natural beauty of wales, on coastal paths, award winning beaches, or the rolling hills. Now with close to 40 years of experience we can honestly say we know what makes a memorable holiday, a great location, comfortable accommodation, and quality time with loved ones.

As we are a family run business, we at barkers leisure truly believe in the importance of quality time with family, and love to see familiar faces and people that have holidayed with us as children returning with there own, creating new memories and still finding new things to explore.